The ghosts of two lovers

The Castello Estense keeps a sad love story happened in the Torre dei Leoni that saw the tragic death of Ugo and Parisina. In 1418 it was celebrated the marriage of convenience between Parisina Malatesta (15 years) and Niccolo III d'Este (35 years old). One of his sons had another wife, Stella Tolomei of 'Murderess, named Hugh, only 14 years old, began to have a serious relationship with her stepmother dislike Parisina (after all, they were both two kids!). Niccolò concerned about these constant quarrels ordered, not without difficulty, to his wife to be accompanied by Ugo in visiting his parents in Loreto. Unfortunately it happened that, as all the stories of teenagers, the hatred turned into passionate love that naturally kept hidden, but openly could no longer prove the hatred of the past. Niccolò happy with the change did not fail to leave them often alone, given that we now feel comfortable ... in fact, during the outbreak of plague in 1418, he decided to protect the two boys making them stay in a country villa. A real fortune! At last they could be just like two lovebirds and gave vent to their passion. Unfortunately, despite being kept discreet, they did not escape the eyes of the servants and the voices of the betrayal came quickly to the person concerned that, rushing at, surprised them in the act. Furious had them imprisoned and sentenced to death. They were conducted in the cell of the Torre dei Leoni for 12 hours, because it had to be the latest in a long list of murders that day Niccolo not exempted from committing. He gathered and killed all adulterous women of Ferrara and at the end of the executions brought the two lovers and beheaded them on the same block of wood. Their ghosts still cry within that cell along with the souls of women who die because of them.